Hi, thanks for dropping by.

We are a small startup launched in October 2020 because we had nothing better to do and were fed up with eating shoddy pastry covered stuff.

En Croute is a French phrase that essentially means good stuff baked in pastry – any good stuff. Think … sausage rolls, Beef Wellington, Empanadas, Punjabi Samosas – even the ever popular Pasty is an En Croute product.

We do all the classics plus some others of our own invention featuring less common fillings – the proverbial ‘twist’

Here is a picture of a sausage roll, so you can be clear about what we are selling:

And here is a picture of a particularly pleasant look Salmon En Croute – we do these as well:

Finally to add a bit of icing to the cake or pastry to the cause, here is Brie En Croute – just so you get a feeling for what we are about before you take a look at our products page. Take a napkin when you do – just in case you start drooling.


Keep safe and carry on – eating pastry wrapped stuff